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Ideal for any number of industries, the ChemInstruments Micrometer accurately measures the thickness of a variety of substrates. The standard unit meets or exceeds numerous test methods, including ASTM D645, D374, D3652, PSTC 133 and TLMI T-411. It can measure paper, tissue, corrugated paperboard, carton board, fiberboard, felt, film, foil, plastic and rubber.

This versatile Micrometer unit features three modes of operation: single, continuous and batch. In the single test mode, the presser foot cycles with each press of the start button. In the continuous mode, the presser foot cycles continuously. In the batch mode, the micrometer can be set to run a series of measurements. The number of cycles can be set from one to 50 with a pause between each measurement. In all modes, the presser foot travels and pauses per ASTM D645 method.

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