Test Methods

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Use the chart below to find the appropriate method and needed equipment for the type of test required. Click on the specific piece of equipment listed to view the product page.


TypeDescriptionTest Method: PSTCTest Method: TLMITest Method: ASTMTest Method: AFERATest Method: FINATEquipmentAccessories
Peel & Release 90° & 180° Peel/Release 101 (A,B,C,D,E,F) 4B L-IA1 L-IA2 L-IA3 D3330 (A,B,C,D,E,F) D5375 (A&B) D6252 5001 P11 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 11 AR-2000, PA-1000-90, PA-1000-180, TT-1100 RD, HR, TP, SC
Peel & Release Oil Resistance 55 S-O-8, TT-1100, AR-2000 TP, HR, PA-1000-90
Peel & Release Wet Spread 15 LC-100SS-OSI-8, TT-1100, AR-2000 TP, HR, PA-1000-90
High-speed release Release Force of Liner at High Speed L-1A3 4 HSR-2000 NA
Tack Loop Tack 16 Yes D6195 (B) 9 TT-1100, LT-1000 TP, SC, TT-LTF-100
Tack Probe Tack D2979 PT-1000 NA
Tack Rolling Ball 6 D3121 RBT-100 NA
Tack Quick Stick 5 4015 TT-1100 PA-1000-90
Shear Shear at ambient temperature 14, 107 (A,B,C,D, E, F) 7 D6463 (B) D3654 (A) 5012 8 S-RT-10 HR, TP, SC, TW
Heated Shear Shear at elevated temperatures 53, 107 (G) Yes D6463 (A) D4498 SS-HT-30, SS-HT-8, S-O-8 HR, TP, SC, TW
Heated Shear Shear after Solvent temperatures 50 TT-1100, S-O-8 HR
Thickness Thickness Measurement 33 T-411 D3652 D645 D374 5006 MI-1000 NA
Unwind High Speed Unwind Force 8,13 D1000 4008 HSU-2000 NA
Unwind Unwind Force 8 4013 TT-1100 HSU-2000
Tensile Tensile Strength of Material 31 & 39 L-1A1 II-E III-A T494OM D928 D903 D3330 D882 1004 D3759 5004 TT-1100 NA
Tensile Elongation 4005 TT-1100 NA
Burst Burst Strength of Perforated Material Yes BP-1000 NA
COF Coefficient of Friction D1894 COF-1000 NA
Rub Scuffing or Rubbing Resistance D-5264 Sutherland® Rub Tester NA